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Microsoft Windows 7 to Windows 10 Upgrade

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Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 on the 14th January 2020. Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PC's running Windows 7. The NHS is an E5 licence holder, which means GP Practices will get an extra year of Windows 7 support for free.

We're now receiving a large amount of calls from practices / engineers wanting us to install EasyLabeller on new PC's. We've decided that we'll now have to charge for this service if a practice is having Windows 10 PC's installed to replace Windows 7 PC's and they're all being done over a day or two.

Practices that have the odd PC replaced every now and then or only have 1 or 2 running EasyLabeller will still get these done FOC.

We're finding that engineers are either not installing EasyLabeller / Label Printers and leaving the practice to contact us or installing and configuring EasyLabeller incorrectly. If installing incorrectly the practice then have to call us to install / fix the problems. This is taking time as a lot of practices don't have the correct access rights once logged onto the PC's for us to re install EasyLabeller.

We can either charge to install on a PC and go through the correct installation procedure with an engineer. Alternatively we can install on all PC's at a reduced price to normal installation prices. If we install on all PCs then the practice can be assured that it will work correctly for all users that logon to the PC.

Please let us know how many PC's need EasyLabeller installing and we can give you a cost for both options.

EasyLabeller Emis Web ( Download)

To download the latest version ( click here and save the file. Do not install any version of EasyLabeller other than, or this new version on any new Windows 7 & 10 PC's.

EasyLabeller TPP SystmOne ( Download)

To download the latest version ( click here and save the file. This version MUST be installed on all Windows 7 & 10 PC's including any new and existing PC's.

Earlier versions won't work from the 12th July 2021 due to the new TPP SystmOne API.

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